About the Blog

I’m starting this blog as a home to my exploration of new and better cocktails, spirits, beers, and bars. I’ve been blogging for a while, but I’ve never focused my writing on epicurean areas. In recent years, but the last year in particular, I’ve evolved my palette for finer avenues of drink.

I should say up front that I have no training in tasting nor have I ever written reviews of cocktails, spirits, beers, or bars for publication (though I did tend bar for a little while in college). I’m merely a hobbyist who enjoys quality drink and wants to put some of my thoughts and experiences to text.

The most fundamental concept that has shaped my experience of fine quality drinks is that it can always taste better. The emergence of microbreweries in North America in the mid-1990s; the rise of small batch bourbons, tequilas, vodkas, and gins throughout this decade; the return of speakeasy-style bars that cherish cocktails in the last few years…all of these things share a common thread in developing ways to make the things we drink taste better. In each of these occasions I can recall the eye-opening moment where I think to myself, “I had no idea this beer (or this tequila or this cocktail) could taste so good.”

Now, as I continue to explore the wide world of cocktails, spirits, beers, and bars, I’ll use this blog as a home for writing about what I’m experiencing. Welcome…slainte!

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