Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | December 2, 2008

This Could Be Trouble

DC Examiner:

District bars could be allowed to stay open around the clock as what may be millions descend on the city to celebrate Barack Obama’s inauguration.

A measure put forth today by D.C. Councilman Jim Graham – who represents the party-friendly Adams Morgan neighborhood – would allow bars and restaurants licensed to serve alcohol to keep pouring until 5 a.m., and to keep doors open 24-hours per day between Jan. 17 and Jan. 21.

Charles Allen, chief of staff for Councilman Tommy Wells, said the Council received information about the proposal Monday and will vote on it today. The National Restaurant Association had already notified Council members of its support for the measure.

This could be fun. I’ll update when I hear what the results of the vote are.



  1. I’m voting for fun. I probably won’t remember the fun, but that’s still what I’m voting.

  2. It would answer the question of, “Where will all the DCists who are renting their apartments on Craigslist going to stay?” The bars!

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