Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | December 3, 2008

Big Media Scofflaw’s Den

SeanMike and Marshall of Scofflaw’s Den get profiled in a great, long interview in It’s really refreshing to see a long, in-depth interview like this on the same day the NY Times has a number of good, but brief pieces on cocktails and cocktailians. Here are a couple of my favorite exchanges from the interview:

Favorite cocktail to make at home and how to do it:
SeanMike: “That’s a hard one because I’m always making different ones, but the one I make the most is the Negroni. Take equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari; shake with ice; and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. If you’ve got it, I’d suggest a dash or two of Fee Brothers’ Rhubarb Bitters—Marshall showed me that trick, and it rocks. Various fruit-flavored bitters also work in there, especially if you like to experiment with sweeter gins or Aperol instead of Campari.”
Marshall: “My favorite cocktail, bar none: cocktail à la Louisiane. It’s one ounce each of rye whisky, sweet vermouth, and Benedictine; a quarter ounce of absinthe; and three or four dashes of Peychaud’s bitters. Stir over ice for a slow count to 20. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist.”

Trendiest ingredients being used in drinks right now:
SeanMike: “In cocktails, rye has been taking off like wildfire, though it seems like Pisco is taking off as well lately. For mixers, I’m going to say something kind of generic: infused or reduced syrup. It seems like every drink nowadays has some kind of random ingredient that a bartender came up with, a lot of which are really good but can be a pain in the butt for the household bartender hoping to replicate his or her favorite drink in the kitchen.”
Marshall: “Homemade ingredients. We’re seeing more of the farmers market being incorporated into cocktails. Bartenders and enthusiasts are making their own fruit syrups, tinctures, liqueurs, bitters, and mixers. Everything from homemade tonic water to vermouth is out on the Interwebs. The freshest ingredients are key to the best cocktails.”

Grey Goose or Belvedere?
SeanMike: “Uh, they’re vodka. If it’s in a cocktail, I’m going to say neither, and if they’re not in a cocktail, I’m going to say neither. There are better and cheaper ones out there for both categories.”
Marshall: “Actually, there’s this new kind of flavored vodka that’s sweeping the nation that I’m completely in love with. It’s infused with a bunch of different herbs and is fantastic in cocktails. It’s called gin.”

Heh, indeedy!

Go give the whole piece a read. Oh and be sure to thank Marshall for giving A Jigger of Blog a shout-out!


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