Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | January 14, 2009

Special DC Inaugural Bar Hours

Capital Spice has an important post on the special DC inauguration period bar hours. More importantly, they made the Google Map above which shows exactly where the participating bars are located.

Here are some details on the bureaucratic hurdles bars are jumping through to take advantage of the special rules for January 17-21st.

In return for their $100 to $250 fees, these establishments are able to:

  • Stay open 24 hours a day from Saturday, January 17th through 4 AM Wednesday, January 21st
  • Sell alcohol until 4 AM (as opposed to the usual 3 AM on weekends and 2 AM on weekdays)

That’s not to say all participants will take advantage of both, so your best bet is probably to contact the individual venues to ask about their policy for the inaugural weekend.

See your local favorites on this list?

If not, they may be among the 73 additional establishments that attempted to register with ABRA but must first obtain permission from ANCs and other groups with whom they have existing Voluntary Agreements.  They have until 1 PM on Thursday, the 15th, to submit letters to that effect, at which point they will be able to pay and participate in the extended hours.

Places you may find me this weekend: RFD, Buffalo Billiards, Townhouse Tavern, Local 16, 18th St. Lounge, and Bistro du Coin.


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