Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | February 4, 2009

Todd Thrasher’s Number 6

Washingtonian has a post up on PX’s Todd Thrasher. While starting off describing his recent success in a New York cocktail contest involving Domaine de Canton, the post includes a video of Todd making a new drink, Number 6, which looks truly amazing.

Number 6
Todd Thrasher, PX

¼ ounce Creole Shrub orange-based rum
1 ounce Clement dark rum
1 ounce house-made orange syrup
¼ ounce house-made vermouth
Liberal dash of house-made orange bitters
2-ounce topper of house-made orange soda
1 spherical chunk of ice
Orange air*

*Orange air is a combination of house-made orange soda and soy lecithin blended together until it becomes ‘orange air,’ or the consistency of sea foam. The air is used as a garnish to the drink and is optional, so don’t fret if you don’t have soy lecithin at home or a special blender like Todd’s.

Mix both rums, syrup, vermouth, and bitters together in a shaker. Give a rough shake. Pour through a double strainer into a martini glass.


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