Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | February 26, 2009

Central Michel Richard

Note to self: take notes of what you drink!

I’d been much better the last few months about taking notes or getting copies of menus when I go out for fine cocktails. So good, apparently, that I must have gotten a little cocky.

Last night I had dinner and a couple of cocktails at the bar of Central Michel Richard. I had a Gin Blush, which had gin (duh), Campari, San Pelligrino Chinotto soda, and I believe orange and lemon juices. It was great – light, tart, and beautifully colored. There was  a great balance between the bitter of the Campari and the sweetness of the juice and soda. I also had whatever the rhubarb cocktail was – it was delightful and I’m kicking myself for not remembering it exactly, but I believe it had rhum agricole, aperol, rhubarb bitters, and something else. Seriously folks, I feel like I’m back at Week One of being a cocktail blogger.

So this looks like it’s probably going to be my worst review in a long, long time. Ugh. Obviously I’ll have to go back to Central and do it proper, which may have been my subconscious goal to begin with, as the drinks and food were great and I would love to visit again.



  1. Hi Matt – who’s the bar manager at Central these days? Justin Guthrie has left, I understand. His cocktails were outstanding.

  2. Good question Joe – I actually don’t know the answer. Maybe one of the Scofflaw guys knows.

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