Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | August 5, 2009

DCCBG Rickey Contest Winner

The DC Craft Bartenders Guild’s annual Rickey Contest concluded on Monday. I was able to make it to Bourbon for the party, which was incredibly well attended and a lot of fun. It’s not usual to see so many well dressed cocktailians, with lots of suspenders, seersucker, and fine vests on display. Obviously the DC scene is moving towards Brooklyn in some senses…

While there I enjoyed a traditional Gin Rickey, along with Chantal Tseng’s Gunslinger Rickey (Woodford Reserve Bourbon, juice from half of a lime, san pellegrino chinato, soda water, and mezcal-soaked cherries bright) and Jason Strich’s Roasted Red Pepper Rickey (Hendrick’s Gin, lemon, roasted pepper, and soda). Chantal is the head bartender at Tabard Inn and Jason is behind the stick at Rasika.

Unfortunately I didn’t stay around long enough to see who the big winner of this year’s contest was. I just found out the results and wanted to share them with my readers…

Drumroll please…..

First place went to Clinton Terry of PX and his Kaarin’s Kocktail, made from Woodford Resevre Bourbon, lemon, lemon bitters, opal basil, spicy ginger ale, and purple basil flower.

Chantal’s Gunslinger Rickey came in second place, while Jill Zimorski of Cafe Atlantico won the popular vote with her Fresa Rubia, made with Hendrick’s Gin, Jicama-lime soda, strawberry water, and strawberry garnish.

I didn’t get a chance to try either Kaarin’s Kocktail nor the Fresa Rubia, which is disappointing since clearly I missed out on some great cocktails.

On the other hand, I was able to try a good portion of the submissions between Monday night and previous weeks. I was a huge fan of Owen Thompson’s Watermelon Rickey and Tiffany Short’s PolyTiki Rickey. I enjoyed Gina Chersevani’s Knee High by the Fourth of July Rickey, though I wasn’t in love with the corn flavor as much as I thought I would be. The Roasted Red Pepper Rickey was probably the most interesting one that I tried; it would make a fantastic alternative to a Bloody Mary and be great with a summer Sunday brunch. Chantal’s Gunslinger Rickey was simply great – nice and tart and in the spirit of the original cocktail.

This was a great contest and I can’t wait to see what DC’s craft bartenders come up with next year.



  1. That look like some really interesting drinks! mezcal soaked cherries..brilliant.



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