Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | September 17, 2009

Latin Quarter

In yesterday’s post on Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters, I commented that I hadn’t found a use for the bitters in a cocktail with a gin or rum base. The Twitterers at Bittermens responded:

Glad you like the bitters! We agree that with gin as a base it’s a bit of a challenge, but you’ll love them with rum!

It got me thinking that I, in fact, had had a rum based cocktail with the Mole bitters at Death & Company a while ago. It’s no surprise that so many of the cocktails I like Bittermens bitters in are from Death & Co – they’re one of the few bars that had early distribution of them prior to release. I remembered ordering it because it had Ron Zapaca 23 year, a rum that at the time I hadn’t had but had heard great things about. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name of the drink.

I was conveniently poking around Bittermens website and lo! I found it! The cocktail is a Sazerac variation, created by Joaquín Simó.

Latin Quarter

2 oz Ron Zacapa 23 year old Rum
1/2 Bar Spoon Sugar Cane Syrup
1 Dash Angostura Bitters
1 Dash Xocolatl Mole Bitters
3 Dashes Peychaud Bitters
Lemon Twist

Absinthe, Herbsaint or Ricard

Fill a double old fashioned glass with ice and a small amount of Absinthe, Herbsaint or Ricard. Stir the Rum, Sugar Cane Syrup and bitters in an ice filled shaker glass. Dump the ice from the old fashioned glass and rotate the glass to ensure that the rinse coats the entire inside of the glass. Strain into the glass. Twist lemon peel over the glass and discard (do not put the twist in the glass).

I haven’t made this for myself yet, but it’s a great cocktail from what I remember and from the looks of it, my memory is serving me well.

[Post updated to reflect that Ron Zapaca 23 is not, in fact, a 23 year old rum.]



  1. Matt,

    Great writing, but I beg you – please don’t spread the myth that Ron Zacapa is 23 years old. It is not.

    If you read the label, it reads, “System Solera 23”. Well, that’s not any kind of age statement, it means nothing in fact.

    Oh, sure, they want you to believe and propagate the myth that “23” means “23 years old” but, trust me, it isn’t.

    There isn’t anything wrong with Zacapa, but it’s annoying that people are attaching a non-existent age to it.

    • Joe,
      Thanks for reminding me about this. I’ve been known to make this mistake before and you’re right – it’s certainly a mistake that Ron Zapaca wants us to make. I’ve updated the post.


  2. […] for making cocktail foam!  And as lately I’ve been really into spiritous rum drinks (this rum sazerac is my current favorite), I figured why not take all of the sweet stuff out of the standard Mai Tai […]

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