Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | October 9, 2009


I’m headed up to New York City tonight to see my best friend and his sister, both of whom are celebrating their birthdays this week. I figured it’d be nice to take them to PDT. My buddy Austin has never been and I’ve been planning my next trip since my first one a couple weeks ago. When I called for my previous visit, it took me ten calls to get through for a reservation on a Saturday night. This time I expected it to take longer, but boy was I unprepared…

It took me ninety-seven calls to get past the busy signal. I’m not joking. I have an iPhone and it keeps track of these things. Unfortunately, that took forty minutes and by the time I got through, they were full for the night. Sigh.

I guess I’ll just have to try to make it into another one of NYC’s fine cocktail establishments. I’m leaning towards Death & Company, Mayahuel or The Bourgeois Pig…but any of them will probably require a wait. Sometimes, life is just hard…



  1. If you can’t get in anywhere and don’t mind hitting brooklyn, Jack the Horse Tavern in Brooklyn Heights is supposed to have a decent mixologist, and people are saying good things about Henry St. Public House, a new joint that has cocktails and just opened.

    Probably won’t live up to your usual standards (which are pretty high), but I’ve heard good things. Franz and I will probably be at Henry Public late night tonight.

  2. […] Friday night, after my failed attempt to get a reservation at PDT, I was invited out by my friends Franz and Mike, who writes Whisky […]

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