Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | November 5, 2009

Grand Concourse Cocktail

Last night, prior to Game 6 of the World Series, I felt the urge to have a cocktail I haven’t had in a while: the Bronx Cocktail. It’s a classic, made with gin, sweet and dry vermouth, and orange juice in a 2:1:1:1 ratio. In fact, it was so good I decided to make another one.

Unfortunately, as I started to prepare my next round, something happened that hasn’t happened to me in a very long time: I ran out of dry vermouth. As a result, I had rejigger the recipe to come up with something similar, taking advantage of what dry vermouth I had left. I wanted to stay within the framework of the Bronx, and a simple addition made something with which I was very happy.

Grand Concourse Cocktail

2.0 oz dry gin (Boodles)
1.0 oz sweet vermouth (Noilly Prat sweet vermouth)
0.5 oz dry vermouth (Noilly Prat dry vermouth)
0.5 oz vermouth bianco (Martini & Rossi bianco)
1.0 oz fresh orange juice

Combine all ingredients in a shaker, add ice, and make some noise. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

It’s very similar to a Bronx, but there’s a bit extra sweetness and spice from the bianco. I was definitely a fan of it and I’m going to be adding it to my repertoire.


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