Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | November 13, 2009

More on The Passenger

This week there were two articles in DC pro food and drink blogs about Derek and Tom Brown’s new project, The Passenger. Tim Carman at Young & Hungry and Fritz Hahn of Going Out Gurus Blog both have posts up with interviews from the Brown brothers. As I’ve mentioned before, the project will be a split of two bars. The Passenger will be Tom’s more casual bar, while Derek will host the Columbia Room, an omakase style cocktail laboratory.

Now it is clear that there won’t be a cocktail menu in The Passenger, but Tom will be making drinks towards a customers tastes. Derek is going to be doing intense experimentation and variation in the Columbia Room. There’s clearly going to be a common experience in both bars connected to drinking cocktails. Exploration and adventure are going to be required, something that I think is likely going to be a great way for their guests to discover new drinks they like.

Though the bar hasn’t yet opened, Derek and Tom are already pushing out a strong online presence. You can visit The Passenger online here, become a fan on Facebook here, and follow them on Twitter here.


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