Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | March 21, 2010

On to the Final Four

Wow. My mezcal-based Hong Kong has advanced again in the Magnificent Bastard cocktail contest. I’m now in the Final Four. My drink moved past Sean Zimmer’s formidable rye, Drambuie, Cointreau, and lime tipple. The judges write:

We will be mixing Zimmer’s drink on occasion this summer. The Drambuie really pumps the flavor, along with the lime, of course. Hamlin’s is pretty genius. Take the equivalent of agave Laphroaig ($60/bottle Del Maguey Chichicapa mezcal), and make it perfect with a touch of Luxardo Maraschino. If you’ve acquired a taste for mezcal (an MB requirement), this is good stuff.

This is the third round I’ve advanced through and each time I’ve won 4-1.  I wonder if it’s the same judge each time that isn’t liking my drink?

In the Final Four I face off against Bryan Swanson’s drink, one of the ones that from the beginning has stood out to me as looking like the drink to beat on my side of the bracket.

Bryan Swanson’s Magnificent Bastard

2 oz Bulleit bourbon
1 oz Berentzen Apfelkorn
1/8 oz Laphroaig 10-year scotch
2 dashes Angostura bitters

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir vigorously for 20-30 seconds. Strain into ice-filled rocks glass.

This is a really strong cocktail and something that looks just like what the editors at Magnificent Bastard had in mind when they came up with this contest. It’s boozey. It’s unique. And it’s unapologetically magnificent. The only thing that I think it has going against it is that Apfelkorn is a not exactly a common ingredient found in American bars (not that I can judge, as my drink contains mezcal and maraschino).

The Final Four happens on March 31. Winner will be announced April 5. I think my run may be over, but only time will tell.


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