Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | September 2, 2010

PS7’s Cocktail Tasting Dinner

I’m not going to go into much detail, but PS7’s has a reservation-only tasting menu that pairs seven courses of food with seven cocktails served up by Gina Chersevani. The menu varies from day to day. I went last week with my girlfriend and we really enjoyed it. The food and cocktails really worked well together. There were at least three cocktails of the seven that really belong on the regular PS7’s cocktail list – but we’ll see which, if any, do. The tasting menu is good deal, too: it’s $77 for 7 courses. Considering each of the seven cocktails are full size, you’re basically paying what most decent cocktail bars in DC will charge for one drink – around $10-11 – and a whole dinner for free. Or, seven courses of food at a low average cost and lots of free drinks. Of course, since it’s PS7’s and Gina is behind the bar, our menu also started with an incredibly tasty punch, and an undisclosed number of Jameson shots. Between the quality of the food and drink, the interactions with Gina and the chefs, and the overall environment, it was just a great time. I highly recommend folks in DC try this tasting menu – just call PS7s and ask for a reservation for the cocktail tasting menu.


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