Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | November 4, 2010

Drinking Buddy for Hire

This is actually a pretty funny, interesting video. This guy Daniel posted ads on Craigslist promoting his services as a drinking buddy for hire in LA. Craigslist TV shot a video of him doing this with a handful of people who found his ad. The result is pretty fascinating.

While Daniel’s services are compared to therapy a few times in the video, I think the more important point he makes is that “alcohol is a license for people to talk.” There’s certainly a sense that good drink allows people to open up, even to strangers. While alcohol should never be used as a crutch for social interactions, there’s value in people like Daniel’s clients having someone to talk to over a drink. If the movie Crash is to be believed, people in LA in particular need more direct human connections and Daniel is providing them.

Beyond any real or perceived therapeutic value, I’ve had many great nights talking to strangers at cocktail bars, both bartenders and other guests. I’ve found that craft cocktail bars in particular are great places to strike up conversations. In an age of mediocre drinks, fine drinks demand to be talked about. Invariably sharing my interest in cocktails leads to many other questions (“no, I’m not a bartender. Yes, I am a geek.”). The point is, drinks can be a great opening to social interaction that is otherwise hard to have. And craft drinks in particular afford the opportunity for people to connect with each other.

Lastly, what a great idea for a Craigslist ad!



  1. Thank you for taking the time to speak so highly about my Drinking Buddy episode on Craigslist Tv. I truly appreciate the positive thoughts and opinions that you have shared with the people in your world. I like so many others have been through some very challenging times and if all I can offer to people is an ear and a heart so others know that they are not alone in the world, then I am more than happy to do so.
    Always the best,

    • Glad you liked the post! How’s business going? Was this a one time ad? Or are you doing it regularly? Has the Craigslist TV video helped your business?

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