Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | March 16, 2011

Doug Winship’s Basement Bar

I’ve written about Doug Winship of The Pegu Blog’s Basement Bar series in the past, but I’d never gotten a comprehensive look at it. Fortunately, a recent visitor to his basement bar shot a video of Doug making a Mai Tai that really highlights the awesomeness of his personal cocktail pantheon. While the brushed aluminum and neon accents really aren’t my style, the space itself is pretty inspiring. From the large wine rack to cabinet storage on sliding drawers for bottles of spirits to a bitters section to under-counter refrigeration, ice storage, and a sink, it’s hard not to be overwhelmingly jealous of Doug’s set-up. I’m sure Doug worked really hard to get to have such a nice bar and I’m really happy for him and all…but jealous nonetheless. It really makes me want to have not only a home with a basement, but a home with a basement that’s renovated to be a private craft cocktail bar of my own.



  1. Thanks!

    It is a wonderful space. And yes, it took a lot of work, to get the money and to build it. I wish I could afford to do it again these days…

    • Would you do it differently if you could do it again? Would you change the layout? Add more storage? A Kold Draft machine? Beer taps?

  2. Well, I drink beer about 3 times a year, so no to a tap. (If I was a beer drinker, or if I had friends who were, I’d have put one in.) I do have an ice maker which works great. I had partially plumbed the basement when we built the house seven years earlier, so I was able to put in the three most wonderful luxuries in a basement bar: sink, ice maker, and DISH WASHER.

    As for the layout, I love what I have, given the existing location of posts, etc. You do with a basement what you can. The style still works great for Maggi and me, but I might have modified the cabinetry and chairs slightly in a few places where it is wearing visibly.

    Oh, if I had to do it all over again, I’d have installed the backup sump pump BEFORE starting construction. Learning that lesson was nearly disastrous….

  3. Really cool. Well first of all..i would like to live in a house and not an apartment…;-) but i`m pondering trying to build at least a small tiki bar in my living room, but not a real bar with zink and all cuz that is not even allowed in here, but at least a bardesk, big shelfs and a few chairs.

  4. Just look at all that they were able to accomplish in the early days of in a totally standard apartment.

  5. This is fabulous! I had a basement and plans to build a bar in it, then life got in the way. Now I have an old buffet raised up on bricks but, hey! I can still make a damn good cocktail.

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