Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | November 18, 2011

A cocktail that makes me say “WTF?”

There are times when you see something and, as a cocktail nerd, you think to yourself, “There is some serious WTFery going on here.” Such was the case when I saw on Twitter this morning from Frederic of Cocktail Virgin:

Hmm, a beautiful Pousse Cafe-style drink based around a Negroni with egg white foam and a raw egg yolk. There’s so much to both like and not like about this!

I wasn’t familiar with a Knickebein cocktail, but fortunately Frederic has a great post on the Knickebein from a past MxMo. Dating back to the late 1870s, the Knickebein is

His concoction was equal parts Curaçoa, Noyeau, and Maraschino (mixed) filling a port-wine glass two thirds of the way up. On top of that, he layered an unbroken egg yolk, and topped it with whipped egg whites sprinkled with drops of Angostura bitters.

Frederic also pulled out the detailed instructions for how it should be consumed:

1. Pass the glass under the Nostrils and Inhale the Flavour –- Pause.
2. Hold the glass perpendicularly, close under your mouth, open it wide, and suck the froth by drawing a Deep Breath. — Pause again.
3. Point the lips and take one-third of the liquid contents remaining in the glass without touching the yolk. — Pause once more.
4. Straighten the body, throw the head backward, swallow the contents remaining in the glass all at once, at the same time breaking the yolk in your mouth.

Well it certainly sounds like a pretty crazy drink.

When I encounter a cocktail like this, I immediately both want to try it and am completely and utterly repulsed by it. A raw egg yolk is no thing to underestimate, especially when you’re instructed to break the yolk in your mouth before swallowing. That said, I love the Negroni and am usually open to trying any Negroni variation. So while I haven’t tried this yet, I may in the future, but make no promises…

Frederic popped by the comments and pointed out the recipe for the Knickroni:


.5oz Campari
.5oz Sweet Vermouth
.5 oz gin
Egg yolk
1 dash Regan’s Orange Bitters

Mix Campari and Sweet Vermouth in a 2oz sherry glass. Layer egg yolk. Layer .5oz gin. Top with meringue and 1 dash of Regan’s orange bitters.

Thanks Frederic!



  1. The instructions on the Mixoloseum twitter were: Mix .5oz Campari + .5oz Sweet Vermouth in a 2oz sherry glass. Layer egg yolk. Layer .5oz gin. Top with meringue + 1d Regan’s orange bitters. Instructions:

    • Awesome, thanks Frederic! I just updated the post with the recipe.

  2. […] cocktails to bring to the feast. • A Jigger of Blog’s Matt Hamlin writes about a strange drink he spotted on Twitter, namely a cross between a Knickebein (a layered drink containing an unbroken […]

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