Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | February 26, 2012

Scofflaw’s Classes

Marshall and SeanMike of Scofflaw’s Den are two of the cocktail bloggers who inspired me to start A Jigger of Blog. They’re incredibly knowledgeable and are great guys to boot. It’s exciting to see that they are now offering both consulting services and classes. The classes are being held at Last Exit in Mount Pleasant. Here’s the description of upcoming classes:


Have you noticed your bartender adding dashes and drops to that cocktail you ordered?  Ever wondered exactly what that stuff is?  The sheer number of cocktail bitters currently on the market can be intimidating for the home bartender or craft cocktail newcomer.  In this class, Marshall from Scofflaw’s Den will walk you through what bitters actually are, their history, their various uses and walk students through a tasting of various types of bitters.  We’ll discuss cocktails where a specific type of bitter is mandatory and some where the kind of bitter can vary depending on you or your guests individual tastes.

Basics of the Home Bar

In this class you will learn what basic tools you will need in your home bar.  We will go over the uses of each tool, why one tool is used over another and alternatives you can use in a pinch.  You will also receive hands-on instruction and practice using each tool, such as shaking, stirring and muddling, so you’ll look like a pro at your next event.  We will discuss basic spirits to stock and learn three recipes that utilize the tools and recommendations on where to purchase any of the tools used. Students will also receive a set of professional grade bartending tools to take home!

Drink Like Mad Men

Want to learn how to make and the history of the drinks that are flowing at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Advertising Agency? In this class you will learn what relaxes (or stokes the creative process) of Don Draper and colleagues, how the drinks are made, a history of the ingredients and cocktails themselves. Each student will receive recipe cards so they can recreate the cocktails at home while watching or hosting their own Mad Men party.

The schedule is:

March 4th: Basics of the Home Bar
March 11th: Basics of the Home Bar
March 25th: Drink Like Mad Men
April 15th: Bitters

Sign up for one (or more) of these classes here.


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