Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | March 26, 2012

The Bon Vivants

A very cool mini-documentary on The Bon Vivants, a San Francisco based bartending, bitters-making, and bar consulting team. I met these guys a couple years ago when AGAINN opened in DC – they had set up the cocktail program there.

The documentary is a series on hipsters.  Obviously there’s a lot of the craft cocktail culture which is perceived as part of hipster-dom. I have a negative reaction to the term hipster and while there are certainly hipster bartenders, those I’ve encountered suck. Just because the cultural side of the craft cocktail movement looks similar to a lot of hipsters – tattoos, mustaches, rolled sleeves, etc – doesn’t mean that it lacks the authenticity that is usually associated with hipsters. But people will describe themselves as they see fit. Nothing in the film tells me why The Bon Vivants are hipsters, only that these guys love bartending and sharing good living with their customers and guests. But again, it’s just a question of what connotations the word hipster bring to your mind…


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