Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | May 14, 2012

Wanker of the Day


BrewDog, a small craft brewery based in Scotland, was told it would receive an honor for Bar Operator of the Year, but things went awry when mega company Diageo, which happened to be the awards’ main sponsor, found out just before the ceremony and demanded it be given the award instead. Diageo operates several major global brands, including Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Captain Morgan, Bailey’s, Tanqueray and Red Stripe.

After its staff allegedly made a scene, Diageo was handed the award trophy with BrewDog’s name clearly engraved on it.



  1. Bet you were gutted.
    It really gets to me that stinking corruption is still alive in this industry.
    But, take credit that it shows how scared these guys are of your hard work.
    If they had any street cred at all, they should have bit the bullet accepted they lost and learned from your success.

  2. More like Wanker of the Year.

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