Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | July 6, 2014

Meet Hudson Whiskey’s New Brand Ambassador

Hudson Whiskey spent much of this spring and early summer conducting a contest to identify  their new brand ambassador. Some background: a brand ambassador is someone whose job it is to represent a spirit brand to the public and to the industry. Frequently brand ambassadors are professional craft bartenders and the role has evolved into one many bartenders aspire towards. Brand ambassadors travel the world talking about their spirit, pitching cocktail recipes to bars and restaurants, and educating consumers and industry professionals on the awesomeness of their product. More background: Hudson Whiskey is one of the premier American micro distilleries. One of the first reviews of a spirit I posted on this site was Hudson Baby Bourbon. It was one of my favorite bourbons when I first tasted it and it remains right up there with my favorite whiskeys to this day.

But what made me care about this contest was that one of my closest friends had entered it. Han Shan is a dear friend and an occasional contributor to A Jigger of Blog (here and here). He’s a true bon vivant and though like me he comes from a background in social and environmental justice movements, he’s a real spirits and cocktails aficionado. He’s got an outstanding home bar and helps many friends discover how great cocktails can be. I think it’s safe to say that both of our parallel developments into loving craft cocktails and spirits happened through time we spent enjoying them together.

And guess what? Han was selected. He’s now Hudson Whiskey’s brand ambassador! He’s a great fit for them, a real lover of their whiskeys and someone who can walk into any room and make a great impression on people. Congrats to Han and congrats to Hudson Whiskey for making the right choice! Hopefully readers of this blog will get to meet Han as he travels the country (and world?) to promote Hudson!



  1. Nice! and goodluck to your friend!

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