Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | February 22, 2010

Classic Cocktails Seminar

Phil Greene of the Museum of the American Cocktail is going to be back in DC  next month to host a seminar at Occidental Grill & Seafood on four classic cocktails – Martini, Manhattan, Daiquiri and Old Fashioned – and how they relate to many other common drinks in structure and taste profile.  It looks like a great event and exactly the sort of thing that gets me excited about cocktail history and genealogy. Here’s the full description:

The Museum of the American Cocktail Presents:

Introduction to Cocktails – Mastering the Classics

$45.00 per person pre-register

The ‘at-the-door’ fee will be $50.00.

Monday, March 22 2010, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Occidental Grill & Seafood
1475 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20004

At this fun and informative seminar, you’ll learn the general history of cocktails by looking at four classics, the Old Fashioned (which is simply a variation on the original “cocktail”), the Manhattan, the Martini, and the Daiquiri. From these four classics we’ll look at variations on each one, how each drink and category evolved, historical anecdotes, pop-culture references, etc. Looking especially at the Daiquiri, we’ll see how this drink is one of the many “sours,” and to master one is to master a concept that allows you not only to make other classics (Sidecar, Margarita, Whiskey Sour, Aviation, White Lady, Pisco Sour, Jack Rose, and many others), but to invent your own variations, as well. You’ll also learn many basic cocktail making tips throughout this event.  All the while, you’ll enjoy tasty appetizers created especially by the Occidental’s acclaimed chef.  Please register at:


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