Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | February 21, 2010

Out of Round 1

Good news on the Magnificent Bastard cocktail contest front…I made it out of Round 1, with my mescal, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth and maraschino libation winning over Billy York’s Tequila/St Germain Old Fashioned-type drink 4-1. Say the judges:

Winner: Matt Hamlin
Score: 4-1
Game Summary: York’s cocktail was interesting because it contained a cloaking device (tequila was disguised as the main liquor). However, it couldn’t hold the jockstrap of Hamlin’s tequila Rob Roy, which was well balanced, finished beautifully, and forced most of us to drink the whole thing.

Not the diction I may have chosen, but hey, it’s fun. In Round 2 I’m up against Gary Cartwright’s very successful entry:

Gary Cartwright

4-6 mint leaves
1 3/4 oz bourbon
3/4 Citronge or other quality triple sec
splash sweetened lime juice

Rip and lightly crush mint leaves in a shaker tin with spoon or whatnot, then add lots of ice, the spirits and lime. Stir well, until tin dews up, and strain carefully over ice, with a lime twist or wheel garnish.

I can see that there’s a lot to like with this drink, which looks to be a julep relative. Cartwright’s drink cleared the first round 5-0 with the judges.

I’m guessing the results for Round 2 won’t be in for another week or two, but I’ll keep you all posted.j

The only other thing I’ll say is the long waits and the round by round color commentary make this a far more stressful contest that most judged-in-one-night events.


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