Posted by: Matt Browner Hamlin | October 13, 2010

Coming Soon…Cocktails for Tibet

This is mostly just a post that’ll be a placeholder for an event I’m putting on this weekend, a fundraising event for Students for a Free Tibet. I’m on the Board of Directors of SFT and want to use my love of cocktails for a good cause. I’m having some friends over to my house this weekend and will be serving a menu of classic cocktails to my guests. It’s the first time I’ve done something like this and it’s pretty exciting to get to plan for a night of what I aim to be high-end cocktail service for a decent-sized crowd.

What’s even more cool is that I’ve been able to get some very awesome sponsors for the event – Maker’s Mark, Tommy Bahama Rum, Leopold Bros., and Employees Only Brands. I’ll be featuring cocktails that include Maker’s Mark, Tommy Bahama White Sands Rum, Leopold Bros. Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur, and Employees Only Lime Cordial. I’ll have the full menu up later this week, including recipes for all of the cocktails I’m serving. In the mean time, a huge thanks goes out to these companies for stepping up and sponsoring this event.



  1. Looking forward to read your menu and recipes.

  2. […] for Tibet This past Saturday night, I hosted a fundraising cocktail party to benefit Students for a Free Tibet. I’ve been involved with SFT for almost 11 years, […]

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